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A Haven For Asset Protection

When incorporating a Wyoming LLC company, you can enjoy many benefits that the state of Wyoming offers you. Sleep well knowing that your Wyoming LLC takes care of your asset and can also be anonymous since owners and managers are not listed. We also protect your identity by attorney-client privilege.

Furthermore, there are low annual fees, 0% taxes (Easy for non-residents) and a great asset protection. Welcome to start your Wyoming LLC today!

Starting a Wyoming LLC is a very easy and fast process for non-residents

Contact to register your company in Wyoming. The only thing we need is billing details and three company name suggestions. No passport copy or ID is needed to form a Wyoming LLC.

The price and cost to start a Wyoming LLC

$ 0
For an LLC
$ 0
Renewal fee
Days for a company
Days for a non-res EIN
$ 0
For Unique Address
$ 0
For non-res EIN

Contact to register your company in Wyoming. The only thing we need is billing details and three company name suggestions. No passport copy or ID is needed to form a Wyoming LLC.

Nothing is perfect but a Wyoming LLC comes close. Learn more about the benefits that you can enjoy when forming a Wyoming LLC

Asset Protection
It is not possible for personal creditors to seize your LLC and LLC creditors cannot seize your personal assets.

Minimum Paper
A Wyoming LLC can require minimum amount of paperwork and it is very easy to handle by yourself or your agent.

LLC Protection
Know that possible creditors cannot pierce the corporate veil of your Wyoming LLC.

Easy For Non-Res
Forming a Wyoming LLC company is very easy for non-residents with many benefits that will follow.

Holding Company
A common use of a Wyoming LLC is a holding company. It is possible to structure your business with great asset protection.

Low Annual Fees
Forming a Wyoming LLC is very affordable with a starting cost of just $229 and a $60 annual repor

Employer Identification Number (EIN) is something that is necessary to get if you intend to open a bank account, getting employees etc.

There are 0% corporate tax rate when forming a Wyoming LLC. For non-residents and with the right planning, you can also get a 0% personal income tax.

No operating agreement is needed for a Wyoming LLC but there are some advantages when operating a multi member LLC.

As you can see, there are lots of advantages, especially for Non-US citizens, to start a Wyoming LLC.

Wyoming LLC as a holding company

Why Would You Use A Wyoming LLC As A Holding Company?

A holding company own and control other companies and assets. So what has Wyoming to offer when it comes to using a Wyoming Limited Liability Company as a holding company? The state of Wyoming offers great benefits to base your holding company in Wyoming.

The state of Wyoming offers a protection for single member LLCs and allows anonymity with very low annual fees.

Your Wyoming company can own a condo in Nevada without register as a foreign entity in that state if the company is not transacting business in that state.

Who Can Benefit From Using A Holding Company?

It is a good idea for almost any businessowner who wants to protect its own assets and other businesses, by using a holding company. We have listed a few sectors that we see more often.

Real Estate Investors

Owning and renting out properties is always a risk and you can easily have one company that deals in property management and one company that actually owns the property. Above them, a holding company can be found.


When dealing with e-commerce and selling online, you can establish separate companies for different parts of the product lines. This way, should something happen, the rest of your product lines are not effected.

Risky Sectors

Basically, it is possible to minimize risk when separting your business into different companies with one holding company. Should someone go after one of your companies, the rest is not effected and can keep doing business.

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