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Setting up an LLC in Wyoming, Nevada, Delaware and New Mexico is fast and easy! assists business owners with starting a holding company or operations company in the US. The most common type of entity that we create is LLCs, which is a pass-through entity for tax. Also, we register all of our companies through a law firm which gives you a strong protection with attorney-client privilege. In addition, for privacy minded individuals, you can also start a US company with nominee-services.

For an example, lets say you own a Freezone company in Dubai (which is a zero tax jurisdiction). Some people may not want to deposit or pay directly into your account in Dubai. So the solution is simple: set up a subsidiary in the US, in Wyoming for an example, where your Dubai company is the owner/member. You can now apply for a US bank account with Mercury and set up Stripe, PayPal etc.

Wyoming LLC Company

Setting up an LLC company in Wyoming gives you access to low state fees, 0% state tax, asset protection and anonymity.

Delaware LLC Company

Where most Furtune-500 companies are registered, Delaware is great for bigger companies or if you plan to have investors. 

start nevada llc company

Nevada LLC Company

A Nevada LLC gives has no state income, corporate or franchise taxes and no taxes on corporate shares or profits. Strong privacy protection.


New Mexico LLC Company

By starting a New Mexico LLC, you get anonymous ownership and no annual fees or filings. Great for privacy minded owners!


The pros of starting a US company outweighs the cons

How can we help you with your situation? can let you know which state can be the best for you as a non-resident, location-independent business owner and want to be part of the US!

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