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The State normally handles the application within 1-3 business days so the registry is very effective when you want to set up a company in Wyoming or New Mexico.

We at USACompanyFormation.com recommends Wyoming for non-residents, who reside outside of the US. This is because Wyoming offers low setup fees, low yearly fees and an anonymous company registry.

EIN stands for Employer Identification Number, your company needs an EIN to open a bank account and if you want to hire people in the US. This number is a unique number that is assigned by the IRS.

An LLC company is owned by it members which can a company/companies or by individuals. The LLC company is an entity called “tax pass-through entity”, which means that it is not the company that is liable for potential tax, it is the members. This means that if you structure your business correctly, with owners at a low or no tax, you have created a tax-free structure.

We recommend Mercury.com and RelayFi.com to open your business bank account. They offer a really easy process and you can up and running within one day. We have had great success with clients for both companies where you can easily open a bank account.

Sleep in Peace knowing that your company structure is secure

We at USACompanyFormation.com helps non-residents of US persons to set up their LLC in the USA. Contact us to set up a Wyoming, Delaware, Florida or New Mexico company.

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