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Register your company in USA for non-residents helps you as a non-resident, setting up your company in Wyoming, Delaware, Florida or New Mexico. The most common company type our clients starts is an LLC (pass-through entity for tax) when starting their business with a company in USA.

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Wyoming, Delaware, Nevada or New Mexico? Which state is right for you?

Are you planning on starting a company in the US? We can help you! Our main clients are business owners who are non-residents and are looking to set up an LLC, the most common type of entity in the US. The states we mostly help clients setting up their company in, is Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada, Florida and Delaware with Wyoming being the first choice. Wyoming is a great place to set up your holding company or operations company thanks to low yearly state fees, friendly business climate and anonymity. What to know more how we can help you start a company in the US? Contact us today!

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Set up your company in the US and expand your business! We can help you with company formation in the US for non-residents around the globe who are looking to be part of the US and the worldwide recognition that comes with having a company base in the US.

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Here you can find a selection of states where we can help you incorporate your company in. We can set up a company in basically every state in the US but we mainly focus on Wyoming LLCs together with Delaware, Florida, Nevada and New Mexico Company Formation. We have listed a few pros and cons with Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada and Delaware. You can also learn more about the advantages of each state by clicking on "Learn More".

Wyoming Company

Setting up an LLC company in Wyoming gives you access to low state fees, 0% state tax, asset protection and anonymity.

Delaware Company

Where most Furtune-500 companies are registered, Delaware is great for bigger companies or if you plan to have investors. 

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Nevada Company

A Nevada LLC gives has no state income, corporate or franchise taxes and no taxes on corporate shares or profits. Strong privacy protection.

New Mexico Company

By starting a New Mexico LLC, you get anonymous ownership and no annual fees or filings. Great for privacy minded owners!

A way forward

Expand your business by starting a company in the US. This gives you access and a way forward to structuring your business in a way that suits you.

When incorporating a Wyoming LLC company, you can enjoy many benefits that the state of Wyoming offers you. Sleep well knowing that your Wyoming LLC is anonymous since owners and managers are not listed. We protect your identity by attorney-client privilege. Furthermore, there are low annual fees, 0% taxes (Easy for non-residents) and a great asset protection. Welcome to start your Wyoming LLC today!
When it comes to start an LLC in the US, which is a pass-through entity for tax, you need to decide what state to incorporate in. For non-residents, we recommend Wyoming, New Mexico, Nevada and Delaware. All states are great for setting up a holding company and you can then start structuring your business in a optimized way that suits your lifestyle and situation.

Wondering about pros and cons about a company in the US?

For many non-residents who are consultants, working with e-commerce and any other location-independed business, there are normally way more advantages to setting up a company in the US. For many other businesses, you can still have great advantages which will require the correct planning and company structuring.

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